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Ca. 1914 Beehive
Comes with 60/30, 80/40, and 108/54 cylinder/ribber dial combinations.  Same machine as
the English Golden Fleece; sold under the Beehive name in Australia in the early 20th century.  
Thoroughly tested, guaranteed fully functional machine.  Everything needed to start knitting is
included (see list of accessories on previous page).

A lot of work has been done on this machine to make it the smooth-running machine it is.  It
arrived without a ribber tappet plate (have substituted an Auto Knitter plate, which works
perfectly well).  The ribber arm had been broken and badly repaired, and didn't sit right.  Mark
Amlung was able to fix it (a really big job and one he said he would never do again).  He did a
superior job on it.  The 108-slot cylinder has several chips in the top of the needle slots, and
requires 18-gauge needles (which will not be supplied).  The ribber requires 18- or 24-gauge
needles.  24-gauge ribber needles currently available for Gearhart machines should work.  
The 60/30 and 80/40 use normal needles, the same as those used on the AKs, Legares, etc.

I tested the 108/54 using 18-gauge Gearhart cylinder needles and some 2/24 acrylic knitting
machine yarn I have on hand.  I wanted to see if there was any drawing in of the stitches
because of the chips, and was delighted to see that there was not.  This is probably because
the stitches are so small.  I was not able to test the ribbing because with the longer Gearhart
needles, I was afraid that the ribber dial would sit up too high.

Has a counter.  Will come with a copy of the Golden Fleece manual.

I have knitted several pairs of socks recently on this machine, and honestly say it is one of the
best machines I have knitted on.

The table is not included.  It is a Black & Decker Portable Work Mate table, Model #WM-125,
found at most hardware stores.  It is quite light, easy to put together, gives you some surface
area for tools and accessories, folds up more or less flat for travelling, and is convenient to
clamp your machine onto.

Price is $1325, plus $70 shipping by UPS Ground in the continental US.  Email for a shipping
quote for other destinations.
Below are pictures showing the chips at the top of the 108 cylinder slots and the resulting knitting in that area.