The circular sock knitting machines I sell are guaranteed to work properly when they
leave my shop.  I do not normally re-paint my machines, as I feel it takes away
from their
historical integrity.  

When I work on a machine, I make whatever repairs and adjustments are within my
power so that my buyers know that they should be able to knit and rib (if applicable) with
it when they receive it.  

Learning to use a sock machine happily requires a good bit of patience and perseverance.  
Like any other skill, one must work at it to get good at it.  Having a machine that is
guaranteed to work should help a beginner, who will know that it has been thoroughly
tested with knitting and ribbing before it arrives.

I have worked on most of the common brands of machine, and I usually have machines in
various stages of completion.  Feel free to contact me for possible availability.

Prices vary depending on the number of cylinders and ribber dials that come with a
machine, and also on the rarity of a machine.  

Prices begin at $650 for a basic machine with one cylinder and no ribber.  

Click on this link to see  
Some Machines I Have Sold .

Contact me for availability.