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1981 Cream Harmony Auto Knitter, Serial #81115, 60/30 cylinder/ribber combo.  This machine was hardly
used by the original owner, who purchased it new (as far as I know).  In good, working condition.  I have done
nothing to the machine, other than oiling and testing.  

$1100, including shipping to the continental US only.  I will consider shipping to other parts of the world, but it
will have to be calculated for the best method of shipping and the ability to create the necessary customs
forms.  I would prefer local pickup (near Gettysburg PA), could deliver to an event I'm attending, or could
arrange a meet-up within a 2-hour range of my location.  I will accept PayPal payment, or another method of
payment arranged previous to shipping or delivery.

Original parts, in addition to the machine, ribber arm, and ribber dial are:  the setup basket, 1 stem weight, a
v-hook, 41 original short-butt ribber needles, and 90 original cylinder needles.  The needles were only used by
me for testing the functions of the machine.  In addition, I will include a copy of an Auto Knitter manual and a
bottle of Zoom Spout oil (or similar).  I will also include the original yarn stand topper, which was broken before
shipping to me.  I have substituted another topper.   

I replaced some missing parts:  a set of 3 stem weights and a buckle.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send a message through my 'Contact Us' page.